CCW or Concealed Carry Weapon is a permit that you can acquire with some effort, persistence and patience in Solano County. Each county in California has their own policy as to whether or not they will grant CCW permits. Some counties will issue them while others will not. As a general rule, the closer to a large city like Los Angeles or San Francisco you are, the less your chance of getting a CCW permit. Counties that are away from the big cities and more in the country tend to be much more inclined.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a county that will issue CCW permits, the other truth is that each country has their own set of requirements and elements to their application and approval process, although they are all governed by the California DOJ. The actual application is standardized as are the fees. After that, there can be a lot of variation as to how many weapons you can have on your permit, local policies and qualifications. The list goes on.

Most people can conjure up a long list of questions and we are equipped with the answers and we are here to help!

One the next couple of pages you will find a list of the steps required to get your CCW permit in Solano County.

HERE to connect to the Solano County Sheriff’s office web site to get started.
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